The Benefits of Increasing Bone Density with Yoga over Time

Photo by cottonbro studio: Yoga to Increase Bone Density

As humans age, bone density naturally decreases, leading to a greater susceptibility to fractures and broken bones. A decrease in bone density is a troublesome reality of life and can cause an array of other health issues that can significantly affect an aging adult’s quality of life. Thankfully, yoga can be a viable form of exercise for those looking to protect and even increase their bone density with age.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the benefits of yoga for bone density, why bone density is important for aging populations, and why it is important to incorporate weight baring exercises into your lifestyle.

Understanding Bone Density

Bone density is a measurement of the amount of minerals and other tissue in your bones over a particular area. A higher bone density measurement indicates that your bones contain more minerals and have a greater strength and ability to bear weight.

This can help protect you from fractures and broken bones, particularly in seniors, as well as prevent more serious issues like osteoporosis.

Bone density naturally decreases as you age due to the body’s inability to continually replenish minerals in the bones. This decrease occurs as early as the age of 20, but accelerates at around the age of 40 onward. For this reason, it is important to foster healthy habits early on in life to help protect your bones and maintain a healthy bone density.

The Benefits of Yoga for Bone Density

Yoga is a form of physical exercise that has been shown to help protect and even increase bone density with age. It is particularly beneficial for seniors, as the low-impact nature of yoga is easier on the joints and muscles than other forms of physical exercise, while allowing them to remain physically active.

Yoga can also help increase flexibility and promote circulation, both of which can help reduce the likelihood of injury when performing more difficult physical activities. This can be incredibly beneficial for older adults, as many people experience a decrease in flexibility and joint strength with age.

Additionally, the relaxation and stress relief benefits of yoga can also help promote better overall health.

Incorporating Weight-Bearing Exercises into Your Life

Yoga is considered a weight-bearing exercise, which means that it places stress on your bones and joints, encouraging the body to maintain and even increase bone density.

Weight-bearing exercises force your bones to work, and cause the body to produce new bone tissue to compensate for the added stress. By incorporating yoga into your routine, you can ensure that your bones are strong and healthy and at a lower risk of breaks and fractures, particularly as you get older.

Combining weight-bearing exercises with regular weight training, cardiovascular exercise, and an adequate intake of calcium, vitamins, and other minerals can help even more in the prevention of bone related issues like osteoporosis. A combination of these methods can help create an active lifestyle that is both healthy and beneficial to your body as you age.


As you can see, yoga can be an incredibly beneficial form of exercise for those looking to protect and even increase their bone density with age. Its low-impact nature makes it a particularly effective tool for seniors, while its ability to help increase flexibility and reduce stress can help promote better overall health.

Additionally, combining yoga with other forms of exercise and a healthy diet can make it even more effective in maintaining and increasing bone density over time. By understanding the importance of bone density and how to maintain it as you age, you can help ensure that you remain healthy and active as you get older.


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